Simple But Handy (Mac Only)

Do you love to use your keypad when you drop a credit card number to make a purchase or using Excel at home on your desktop computer? But what about when you're on the road with your laptop wishing to have a keypad for faster number typing. The solution is here, a nice and unique app for iPhone and iPod touch that let's you use your mobile device as an ad-hoc numeric keypad for your Mac. To do so you have to go to Balmuda’s Numberkey website, download the application, install it onto your Mac and then go to the AppStore and buy the app for your iPhone/iPod touch and you're ready to go. Both softwares communicate to bring a Wireless Numeric Keypad with various skins to choose. Numberkey is only for Mac, so Windows users might have to wait or just ignore it.

App Store Link: NumberKey, $1.99

Why Android And Not iPhone, WHY!!!

I was surfing the Web and i found this video from the Adobe Flash Team demonstrating Flash Player 10 running flawlessly on a T-Mobile G1. My question is, WHY ANDROID AND NOT iPHONE? Well, Android is Open Source and i think it's a lot easier to develop a version of Flash 10 that runs pretty well on the Android OS. Months ago Steve Jobs said that Flash would run slow on the iPhone and the performance it's not going to be the same as well as battery life but couple days ago Adobe & ARM teams up to bring us what they called "A full and rich experience of Flash on devices sporting the ARM11 Processor Family" which is the one that the iPhone have. Now, i don't understand and we don't know their plans but if all this become a reality we're going to be seeing Flash 10 for iPhone next year or so.

Here's a demo of Flash 10 running on a G1:

Microsoft And Their Crazy Ads

Ok guys, i know this is going to be gross but check out this crazy ad made by the crazy people at Microsoft Zune Division:

UNO From Gameloft

Remember UNO back in the days, how much we play it and how fun it was, well, now you can play it in the comfort of your iPhone/iPod touch without having a card mess all over the table. The game looks pretty cool, it features nice graphics, multiplayer, Wi-Fi multiplayer, rooms creation and a very nice soundtrack. You can grab your copy right now from the AppStore for just $7.99.

Here's a demo of the game in action:

App Store Link: UNO, $7.99

Nov-18-08' AppStore Price Drops

Traffic - $3.99 $2.99 (Price Drop)

WiFinder - $.99 Free (Price Drop)

Space Out - $2.99 $.99 (Price Drop)

Hip Hop Top 100 - $4.99 $2.99 (Price Drop)

CastCatcher Update, GRANTED

Earlier this month Apple rejected the update of the iPhone/iPod touch radio app CastCatcher because the excessive bandwidth usage that the App uses. But today Apple has come to their senses and approved the App Update. We still don't know the reasons for the rejection.

It's A Phone, It's A Mp3 Player, It's A Modem, No, It's SuperPhone?

After a lot of leaks and announcements, Toshiba announced their new "Multi-Phone". The device sports a USB memory stick, alarm clock with snooze, Mp3 player, 7.2Mbps HSDPA USB Modem and a Tri-Band GSM cellphone.
IntoMobile said that "the device is excellent". It will be available exclusively on O2's UK Network in Europe and they said that the phone "perform really well as a backup phone". The down is that it only comes with 160MB of internal storage and it plays Mp3/ACC formats only, but for 140.00 euros it's a lot of device.

Apple Taking Orders For The New 24-inch Cinema Display

If you been waiting for the new 24-inch LED Cinema Display from Apple, is finally here. Apple is taking orders on their website, so you can go and make your purchase right now. It still says "Ships: November" but they added the "Add to cart" button allowing you to place your order. The price is $899.00 and you will be taking home a 1,920 x 1,200 resolution, DisplayPort, built-in iSight camera / mic, integrated stereo speakers, 3-port USB hub, and MagSafe adapter for your like-equipped MacBook.

SGN Drops iFun Game For iPhone/iPod touch

SGN, a social gaming company, unveiled iFun. A new social gaming technology for the iPhone/iPod touch that is now available as a free download on the Apple AppStore. This unique technology uses the AT&T 3G Network or Wi-Fi to turn your iPhone or iPod touch into a Golf Club that connects to your Mac or PC, so users can play golf on their computer monitor. iFun is the first App that combines your iPhone and your personal computer to create a completely new game-play experience.

Shervin Pishevar, CEO of SGN said, "
With the release of iFun, we have truly achieved a multi-platform experience that makes gaming on your iPhone or iPod touch even more fun, beginning with our iGolf, iBowl and iBaseball games which have had nearly 4 million downloads, SGN has been redefining mobile gaming and using the power of the iPhone platform to push the boundaries of what's possible."

Here's a video demostration of iFun:

Nov-18-08' AppStore Apps, Games & Updates

Break Classic (1.0.1)
Google Mobile App (0.1.414)
Vision (1.2)
Woman Calendar (1.4)
Aero Guitar EX (1.1.1)
Alien Star Dust (1.0)
Oh~My Egg (1.1)
Sudoku Classic (1.0.3)
FlipBook (1.0.2)
Live Poker (1.01)
Petal Pond (1.0)
3D Fireworks (1.0)
Classics (1.1)
Reign Of Swords (1.2.0)
Open My Heart (1.0)
XRing (1.0)
TV Plus (1.1)
Air Hockey (1.1.10)
Scriptures (1.2.1)
Make A Face (1.5)
SpeedBurst (1.1)
RealPiano (Live Grand Piano) (1.0)
Lie Detector (1.0)
iPJ-Lite (1.0)
Locations (1.2)
NumberKey (1.1)
Night Camera (1.0)
PaperSumo (1.0)

Finally, Google's Voice App Is Out

After a lot of speculation about why Apple didn't post the new version of the Google Mobile App for iPhone that let users search with their voice, is finally here. You can download the app from the Apple AppStore by searching for "Google Mobile App" or you can get it via Google Mobile site. The new Google Mobile App has made a great breakthrough and a great app for the 13 million-plus iPhone users. It uses Speech Recognition Technology to transform your words into text and send it to Google servers, giving you the answer right away. It also detects the phone movement via sensors and activate whenever you want to do a search. Personally i think a lot of iPhone users are going to love this simple but powerful app from Google.

Here's a video from Google of how it works: