Apple Planning A Larger iPod touch (Apple Rumors)

Another of those Apple Rumors running around, this time a Larger iPod touch. Yes guys, Apple is planning a 7 to 9 inches, wider, larger and amazing iPod touch set to be release on Fall '09. Three sources have corroborated the story including one that claims to have handled a prototype. 

These are only speculations that had been going around the Internet for months now. Sources indicated that the company had been uncertain about dropping the device to the market because they think the consumer will not fall for a device like this (Yeah Right, We Can't Wait). 

Overall, i personally think that it could be true. Steve Jobs commented in an October conference call that they will wait and see how that nascent category evolves and that they working with some pretty interesting ideas if it does evolve.

Leave a comment if you think Apple will release such a device next year.

Happy New Year Guys!!! I Hope Everybody Enjoyed 2008 Like I Did And Remember To Welcome 2009 With Your Family And Friends In A Secure Environment.