The Fastest PDA Business Phone By Asus

Asus, the Taiwanese company responsible for the lovely Eee PC announced their 800Mhz handset, the fastest in the world. The processor, a P565, is the fastest processor on a handheld device so far and the phone also comes with a VGA (480x640) display. The device carry a UMTS radio with HSDPA connectivity up to 3.6Mbps, Tri-Band GSM, Wi-Fi and GPS. It will come with the Glide interface just like the P552w. I will keep you updated for upcoming improvements on the device.

iPhone Bacon

Do you love the smell of bacon in the morning? Well, i do and would like to take it with me too. A German company called Antje has created this sleeve/pouch for the iPhone & iPod touch. It's now available in Europe for the bargain price of 25.00 Euros ($31.00) But you gotta be careful cause the neighbor dog can get confuse and take the "bacon" and your iPhone too.

Nov-17-08' AppStore Price Drops

Powerboat Challenge™ 3D - $5.99 $3.99 (Limited Time)

Ace Tennis Online - $4.99 $.99 (Limited Time)

Wordtouch - $4.99 $2.99 (Price Drop)

Beer Pong U - $1.99 $.99 (Price Drop)

Macbook & Macbook Pro (Late 08') Gets Trackpad Firmware Update

Today Apple Inc. released a fix for the new Glass Trackpad on their late 08' Macbook and Macbook Pro. Owners having issues with the new Trackpad are able to download a patch via Software Update addressing trackpad clicks that randomly go unrecognized. A couple weeks ago Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Inc. promised to deliver a fix for the new Glass Trackpad. Those users having problems can check the firmware update pushed by Apple and it will fix the problem. Here are some instructions via AppleInsider of how to install the firmware update manually:

Installing the update manually:

Ensure that your computer is plugged into an AC power source before you start.


  1. Close any open applications.

  2. Download the MacBook, MacBook Pro Trackpad Firmware Update 1.0. The download will place a disk image that contains an installer onto your desktop. If you downloaded the update via Safari, Safari will notify you that an application is contained in the image. Click OK to continue.

  3. If "Open safe files after downloading" is checked in Safari preferences, the disk image file will mount by itself. If that preference is not enabled in Safari, double-click the disk image to mount it.

  4. Double-click the trackpad firmware update disk image to open it.

  5. Double-click the TrackpadFirmwareUpdate.pkg file.

  6. Read the introduction, then click Continue.

  7. After reading the licensing agreement, click Continue.

  8. To agree to its terms, click Agree.

  9. Click Install to install the update application in /Applications/Utilities.

  10. You will be asked for your administrator password. Enter the password and click OK.

  11. After the software is successfully installed on your hard drive, an Installation Completed Successfully message appears. Click Close to start the updater application.

  12. Read the onscreen firmware update installation instructions, then click Update to proceed. Note: The firmware update application may appear behind the installation window.

  13. You will be asked again for you administrator password. Enter the password and click OK. A progress bar will appear while the update is being applied. The trackpad will not respond during the update. Do not interrupt the update or shut off power on your computer while the update is in progress.

  14. When the update is complete, you will see "The update completed successfully" in the Status field of the updater application. Click Quit.
Once you've completed the above steps, your trackpad should be updated. You do not need to restart to recognize the benefits of the update. Via AppleInsider.

Adobe & ARM Unite Forces To Bring Us Flash To The iPhone & iPod touch

Adobe, the company responsible for the excellent photo editing application, Photoshop is uniting forces with ARM to bring us Flash 10 and Adobe AIR to mobile devices. This would Accelerate Mobile Graphics, Video Capabilities, Full & Rich Internet Experience and Web Services on mobile phones. They are focusing on ARM11 family which is the one that powered the iPhone/iPod touch that we all love and the best thing is that it will be available in the second half of 2009. This great optimization will deliver Flash to mobile devices using the latest ARM Processors Platform. PCMag explains: "devices with at least 200 MHz processors, more than around 16 Mbytes of RAM and a completely capable Web Browser will be able to render Web-based Flash content." And the Apple iPhone/iPod touch obviously fits into that category. We hope that this become a reality and we'll be waiting for that moment to happen.

How To Save The Jailbreaking Community

Today i found this interesting article about how to save the Jailbreaking Community and i want to share it with you guys.

What can I do to revive the Jailbreaking Community?

Apple already dislikes Jailbreaking, and now with cracked apps they have even more of an incentive to work harder to prevent Jailbreaking. Why is this? This is because cracked apps can only be added on Jailbroken iPhones and a lot of developers don't like this.

Here is what you can do to prevent the Jailbreaking community from dying:

1. Don't use cracked apps on your iPhone or iPod Touch. If you like an application just buy it from the App Store. If it's too expensive for you or you can't pay for it then just use Cydia or Installer and find a software like it. There are many great applications available for free too.

2. If you have any Webpages or YouTube videos that have cracked apps tutorials remove them immediately.

3. Don't download applications that allow you to crack apps or add any repositories that have illegal applications.

4. Don't make videos showing how to download cracked apps.

5. Use Jailbreaking for downloading Open Source software.

Personally i recommend not to use Jailbreaking for Illegal acts. Take action NOW!!!, and also tell this to your relatives and friends. WE HAVE TO KEEP IT ALIVE!!!

Shout out to xSellize Community for this great Advice.

It's all up to YOU now!

Nov-17-08' AppStore Apps, Games & Updates

Ms. PAC-MAN (1.0.3)
SP Photo Fix (1.2)
Pills (1.0)
DuckSplash (1.1)
Apper (1.0)
UNO (1.1.6)
Ace Tennis Online (1.0)
BiiPlane (0.9.3)
AirPaint (1.0)
CockRoach Racing 3D (1.0)
Midnight Bowling (1.1.6)
Rooms - Your Mobile Chat Client (0.7.0)
Million Dollar Password 2009 Edition (1.0.1)
The Price is Right (1.0)
iBasketball (1.0)
Smack Boxing (1.0)
Snow Reports (1.1)
MasterBrain (1.1)
Collins Pro Spanish-English Dictionary (1.1)

Stream Full Length Movies To Your iPhone/iPod touch

Today i am going to show you how to stream via Wi-Fi or 3G Full Length, DVD Quality movies to your iPhone or iPod touch. It's the best way to watch movies over the air without having to sync your device, so you can keep your disk low on space for other stuff like more Apps & Games. Let's get started.

Open your computer browser and go to and click on Register to create an account, once you get done go to your Safari browser on your iPhone/iPod touch and put the same web address. The website is optimized for Mobile Safari. Save the bookmark as an icon for quick access and proceed to log in. Once you in scroll down and you'll see a Choose a Folder section, below you will get 5 categories which are Recent Uploads, Movies, Series, Short Videos, Stand Up Comedy and Uncategorized. Scroll down more and you'll see User CP Menu which is Post Your Downloads, Account Settings and Logout. For example, by clicking on Movies you'll see the content in alphabetical order, click on the Movie you want to see and shortly the movie is going to start loading. Once is done the movie player will open streaming the movie you requested just like a YouTube video. Every movie file have a number on the right side, remember, highest numbers, better quality and flawless stream. Below i posted some pictures of the process on an iPod touch. Shout out to iJakweb for this great WebApp and to the xSellize Team. Well, I hope you guys like this little trick i found today. Stay tuned for more. Thanks and see you guys soon.

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