Apple Planning A Larger iPod touch (Apple Rumors)

Another of those Apple Rumors running around, this time a Larger iPod touch. Yes guys, Apple is planning a 7 to 9 inches, wider, larger and amazing iPod touch set to be release on Fall '09. Three sources have corroborated the story including one that claims to have handled a prototype. 

These are only speculations that had been going around the Internet for months now. Sources indicated that the company had been uncertain about dropping the device to the market because they think the consumer will not fall for a device like this (Yeah Right, We Can't Wait). 

Overall, i personally think that it could be true. Steve Jobs commented in an October conference call that they will wait and see how that nascent category evolves and that they working with some pretty interesting ideas if it does evolve.

Leave a comment if you think Apple will release such a device next year.

Happy New Year Guys!!! I Hope Everybody Enjoyed 2008 Like I Did And Remember To Welcome 2009 With Your Family And Friends In A Secure Environment. 

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Hacking The iPhone By Dev-Team

Here's a video demostration from the Dev-Team explaining how they hacked & unlock the iPhone step by step from the very beginning, hope you geeks enjoy it.

DLO Speakers System Unboxing (Still Images Video)

I decided to make a still images video unboxing of my DLO Speakers for iPhone/iPod touch. This was my unexpected Christmas present from my girlfriend. Hope you guys enjoy it and support my Blog.

Unexpected Christmas Present!

iPhone "Nano" Ad (Leaked)

Mr. Blurry Cam leaked another ad, this time showing us an iPhone Nano in various colors. Is this gonna be the new iPhone Nano that everybody is talking about? Well, we don’t know yet, we have to wait a couple weeks to find out at MacWorld 09’ when Phil Schiller take the stage and deliver his “boring” keynote.

I personally believe it in the way that Apple need to get into the “Cheap Smartphone Market” and drop a $99.00 model with less features but the same elegance and functionality the iPhone 3G sports.

Leave a comment if you think this ad is the real thing or it’s just a Photoshop.

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YouTube Intro

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Gameloft: Hero Of Spartan (Screenshots)

This morning, Gameloft, one of the Best Game Developers for the iPhone/iPod touch launched one of the most anticipated games for the platform, Hero Of Sparta. Since i got the game I've been playing it so much that I Fell In Love With It. The game sports excellent graphics, intuitive gameplay, original storyline and lots and lots of attack combos and creatures. The game is available now at the AppStore for $9.99. Here are some screenshots of the game in it's glorious action. Highly recommended:

Get Everything Working On Jailbroken iPhone/iPod touch Without SSH

Installous DOES WORK ON 2.2, i got it and you dont need AppShare now to get apps, it is all integrated in Installous. Ok, the easiest way to get everything working is getting it from Cydia. Follow this steps:

1. Install Firmware 2.2
2. Jailbreak with QuickPwn 2.2 from Dev-Team Website
3. Hit Cydia and go to Repositories
4. Search for Steffwiz's Repo and Install it
5. Go to AppStore and get a free app
6. Go back to Cydia and search for MobileInstallation 2.2 Patch over Steffwiz's Repo
7. Install & Reboot
8. Go to and get cracked apps and sync with iTunes

Installous Step by Step:

1. Open Cydia and add this source -
2. Install the repo
3. Search for Installous and install
4. Reboot
5. After Reboot open Installous and you will see as a home page, search for apps, download and install, everything can be done from Installous, it got new features too.