Apple Planning A Larger iPod touch (Apple Rumors)

Another of those Apple Rumors running around, this time a Larger iPod touch. Yes guys, Apple is planning a 7 to 9 inches, wider, larger and amazing iPod touch set to be release on Fall '09. Three sources have corroborated the story including one that claims to have handled a prototype. 

These are only speculations that had been going around the Internet for months now. Sources indicated that the company had been uncertain about dropping the device to the market because they think the consumer will not fall for a device like this (Yeah Right, We Can't Wait). 

Overall, i personally think that it could be true. Steve Jobs commented in an October conference call that they will wait and see how that nascent category evolves and that they working with some pretty interesting ideas if it does evolve.

Leave a comment if you think Apple will release such a device next year.

Happy New Year Guys!!! I Hope Everybody Enjoyed 2008 Like I Did And Remember To Welcome 2009 With Your Family And Friends In A Secure Environment. 

Byline (Short App Review)

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Hacking The iPhone By Dev-Team

Here's a video demostration from the Dev-Team explaining how they hacked & unlock the iPhone step by step from the very beginning, hope you geeks enjoy it.

DLO Speakers System Unboxing (Still Images Video)

I decided to make a still images video unboxing of my DLO Speakers for iPhone/iPod touch. This was my unexpected Christmas present from my girlfriend. Hope you guys enjoy it and support my Blog.

Unexpected Christmas Present!

iPhone "Nano" Ad (Leaked)

Mr. Blurry Cam leaked another ad, this time showing us an iPhone Nano in various colors. Is this gonna be the new iPhone Nano that everybody is talking about? Well, we don’t know yet, we have to wait a couple weeks to find out at MacWorld 09’ when Phil Schiller take the stage and deliver his “boring” keynote.

I personally believe it in the way that Apple need to get into the “Cheap Smartphone Market” and drop a $99.00 model with less features but the same elegance and functionality the iPhone 3G sports.

Leave a comment if you think this ad is the real thing or it’s just a Photoshop.

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Sorry guys!

Hey geeks, Joey here. I hope everybody had a good Christmas and nice tech toys. I got some little presents, nothing big. As you guys know, I've been working on a YouTube Channel about Tech News & Rumors, Apple, iPhone/iPod touch. This past days been so busy and stressful at the same time that i'm still working and editing videos that had been done for more than a week now and then, upload them. I just want to apologize to my supporters and to remind you guys to stay tuned because a lot of good stuff is coming very soon. Thank you guys and see ya'll soon!

YouTube Intro

What's up guys, Joey here. Merry Christmas to everybody and Happy New Year. I just want to post my first YouTube video here so you guys can see that i'm about to put some content on YouTube about iPod touch, iPhone, Apple Rumors & News, Tech News and a lot of more cool stuff that you guys like. Sorry for my accent, i'm Puertorican as you guys know but it will get better. See you guys later and have a great Christmas Eve & Christmas Day.

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Hey guys, Joey here, what's up. I just want to make an announcement and thank everybody for the support. Today i received an e-mail from a popular Technology website called indicating that i was accepted as a writer. I applied a while ago and now the opportunity to write for the website became true. I see this as a Christmas present for my geek addiction to Technology and the Internet. I want to thank Jon, Eckofish and all the writters at Jon4Lakers for give me the chance to be part of that great community. Thanks everybody once again and catch me posting the best articles here and @

Gameloft: Hero Of Spartan (Screenshots)

This morning, Gameloft, one of the Best Game Developers for the iPhone/iPod touch launched one of the most anticipated games for the platform, Hero Of Sparta. Since i got the game I've been playing it so much that I Fell In Love With It. The game sports excellent graphics, intuitive gameplay, original storyline and lots and lots of attack combos and creatures. The game is available now at the AppStore for $9.99. Here are some screenshots of the game in it's glorious action. Highly recommended:

Get Everything Working On Jailbroken iPhone/iPod touch Without SSH

Installous DOES WORK ON 2.2, i got it and you dont need AppShare now to get apps, it is all integrated in Installous. Ok, the easiest way to get everything working is getting it from Cydia. Follow this steps:

1. Install Firmware 2.2
2. Jailbreak with QuickPwn 2.2 from Dev-Team Website
3. Hit Cydia and go to Repositories
4. Search for Steffwiz's Repo and Install it
5. Go to AppStore and get a free app
6. Go back to Cydia and search for MobileInstallation 2.2 Patch over Steffwiz's Repo
7. Install & Reboot
8. Go to and get cracked apps and sync with iTunes

Installous Step by Step:

1. Open Cydia and add this source -
2. Install the repo
3. Search for Installous and install
4. Reboot
5. After Reboot open Installous and you will see as a home page, search for apps, download and install, everything can be done from Installous, it got new features too.


Mighty Linux Running On iPhone

The iPhone Dev-Team, the guys responsible for the Amazing iPhone Jailbreak and Unlock just posted a video with instructions on their website demonstrating Linux working on a iPhone 1stGen.

Here's planetbeing, the developer behind this Awesome Hack explaining what it does and how it works:

For Torrent Junkies: How To Download Torrents Remotely From Your iPhone/iPod touch Using Just A WebApp

Have you ever been on the go thinking about a torrent you want to download but you have to wait to get home and search for it and set the download and wait until is done? Well, today as a Thanksgiving present I'm going to be sharing with you guys the solution for this problem.

1. Download the latest version of uTorrent (1.8.1 Stable) and install it.

2. Download webui360 from here WebUI360

Place it in %AppData%\uTorrent (Paste this path into the Explorer address bar). Enable and configure the WebUI in ĀµTorrent (Preferences -> Advanced -> WebUI). You can setup a Username & Password for security measures. Check "Alternative Listening Port".

4. Open Safari on your iPhone/iPod touch and go to

5. When you open the page you will see the description of the site and what it does. Scroll down and you will see "Getting Started". Type your IP Address and Connection Port and tap Save. After that, instead of Save it should said Saved.

6. To search for torrents scroll up and on the search bar type any torrent you have in mind. It will take you to a list depend on your search. This search engine is integrated with Tap on the blue icon and it will take you to a page asking for your Username and Password (only if you set it up with User&Pass) if not the download will start automatically.

7. Test it at home and make sure everything is working and uTorrent register your downloads. If everything is under control you should see the Torrent downloading right away after you tap on it on your iPhone/iPod touch. You can delete, resume and pause your Torrents remotely going to
http://Username:Password@YourIP:UTport/gui/ on your iPhone/iPod touch.

Congratulations, now you can download torrents on the go and when you get back home the download is done. Happy Downloading and Happy Thanksgiving...

The World's Greenest Notebooks By Apple

From our favorite company, The World's Greenest Family Of Notebooks:

3 Of The Best Cracked Apps Websites

IPA Wonderland

I recommend this websites to everyone that is following the cracked apps community and want to keep it up. Shout out to the owners and keep up the AWESOME work.

"Activation" Pop-Up On Jailbroken iPod touch 1stGen With Street View

Here you can see the pop-up that appears every time you unlock your device but it can pop-up at anytime too:

Remember, everything else works great, this is just a little bit annoying, but personally i can live with it until somebody come up with a solution.

"No Service" iPod touch 1stGen With Street View

This is how the annoying "No Service" looks like after you modify the plist file to enable Street View on your 1stGen Jailbroken iPod touch. Everything else works GREAT!

Street View Demo On My iPod touch 1stGen

Remember guys, this is not going to work perfect like the iPhone but it's fantastic and the weird thing is that adding a little piece of code is the key to activate it and Apple dismiss us, but we got it. Hope you guys enjoy and support my blog. Shout out to timmyj9 for this fabulous hack.

(Sorry for the quality, my camera is not that good. This is also my first video ever, please support my blog)

How To Get Cracked Apps On Jailbroken Pod touch 1stGen (2.2 Firmware)

This is a simple way of how to get cracked apps working on your Jailbroken iPod touch 1stGen (2.2 Firmware):

1. Go to Cydia and install xSellize Repo "
2. Download IPA Prep 2
3. Download a free app from the AppStore over Wi-fi
4. Reboot iPod touch

After this you're gonna be able to install cracked apps and sync them from iTunes. AppShare & Installous does not work. The only method is iTunes.


Street View Working On Jailbroken iPod touch 1stGen

I got a Jailbroken iPod touch 1stGen with 2.2 firmware and surfing around xSellize i found a thread with some info about activating Street View on the iPod touch 1stGen. I tried the method and believe me, IT WORKS GREAT! Here's a little explanation of how-to & what it does:

1. Close iTunes if is open and SSH for this file: /System/Library/CoreServices/
2. Go here N45AP.plist and download modified NP45AP file.
3. Backup the original, after that replace with modified version.
4. Close your SSH program and reboot iPod touch 1stGen

All new Maps features work however you get a "Searching For Service" (Replaces the word iPod in the top left corner) and "Waiting For Activation" message that pops up occassionally, just hit "Dismiss"

Hopefully someone can patch the frameworks or springboard which wouldnt require this to be done! Anyway if you're desperate to try it out, thats all that needs to be done theres nothing wrong with stability or anything so you're not going break anything trying this out.


iPhone Dev-Team Releases iPhone 2.2 Jailbreak

The iPhone Dev-Team has released new versions of QuickPwn and PwnageTool for the 2.2 iPhone firmware.

1. GOLDEN RULE: If you have a 3G iPhone and want potential soft unlock in the near future do NOT use QuickPwn, and do not use the official ipsw or the iTunes update process without using PwnageTool.
2. Read item 1 again and again.
3. At the bottom of this post are the bittorrent files for the latest versions of PwnageTool and QuickPwn.
4. These are suitable for the recent 2.2 release.
5. Please read all parts of this post before downloading and using these tools.
6. The ‘late 2008’ MacBook/air/pro line of computers have an issue with DFU mode, it is possible to go from Pwned 2.1 -> 2.2 but going from stock to Pwned does not work, if in any doubt use a different machine.
7. Choosing the correct tool is crucial. Be warned!

NOTE: ‘Simple Mode’ in PwnageTool currently only works for the iPod Touch. To use PwnageTool foriPhones you will need to use ‘Expert mode’. This is a workaround while we make an update and fix this issue. In order to do this you will need to navigate to the “General” window and change two things: Deselect “activate” ONLY if you are normally able to activate through iTunes (but if you wish to ‘hacktivate’ the iPhone using PwnageTool then leave it selected). You will also need to change the partition size to about 1000MB (type in the value or use the slider).

Baseband 101
The ‘baseband’ is the generic name given to the internal components of the iPhone that handle the phone calls and Internet access. This ‘baseband’ is a tiny and unique independent computer system that runs inside your iPhone, it is separate to the main system that handles the applications (such as email and google maps) and it talks to the main part of the phone over an internal communications network. Think of it like a cable modem or other peripheral that is attached to your home PC that needs occasional updates. When a software update is released and presented to you within iTunes the baseband is sometimes updated (to fix bugs or add new features). The 2.2 update for the iPhone 3G contains such an update, so running the vanilla updater straight away with iTunes will reprogram and update the baseband. This could be bad for certain people, depending on your ultimate aim.

SIM Free/SP Unlocked/Factory Unlocked iPhone 3G
This applies if you bought your iPhone 3G for $$$$$$$. This model of iPhone 3G doesn’t have an Service Provider lock (aka factory unlocked) and you are able to put any SIM card into the phone and get service. Your phone is already unlocked so you do not need to worry about baseband updates, simply upgrade to 2.2 using iTunes and then use QuickPwn to Pwn and Jailbreak. This will add Cydia and Installer too.

Locked iPhone 3G - Preserve Baseband
This applies if you have a locked iPhone 3G and you wish to update to 2.2 but preserve the iPhone’s current baseband software. Preserving the baseband will give you the maximum chance for any upcoming software unlock. To upgrade your phone to 2.2 and preserve the state of the baseband you need to create a custom .ipsw with PwnageTool. This custom .ipsw will not contain the baseband update but of course will still allow all the cool new stuff from 2.2.

There are plenty of tutorials about this process on the web, but PwnageTool contains intuitive graphics and easy to follow prompts that should have you up and running in no time at all.

Locked iPhone 3G
If you are using your iPhone with one carrier and have no interest in the possibility of an iPhone 3G unlock in the near future then just restore or upgrade to 2.2 using iTunes and use QuickPwn to Jailbreak and add Cydia and Installer.

Locked iPhone 2G (1st Generation)
Restore your iPhone 2G with iTunes then run QuickPwn to do the magic, ‘nuff said.

iPod Touch 1G (Original iPod Touch)
Update to 2.2 with iTunes and run QuickPwn.

iPod Touch 2G (New iPod Touch)
Sorry, no support at this time.

We will be updating our tutorials shortly please stay tuned for step by step instructions!

iPhone/iPod touch 2.2 Firmware (New Features)

(Image Courtesy of Apple Inc.)

These are some of the new features of the new iPhone/iPod touch 2.2 firmware released by Apple today after midnight:

Enhancements to Maps
- Google Street View
- public transit and walking diretions
- display address of dropped pins
- share location via email
Enhancements to Mail
- resolved isolated issues with scheduled fetching of email
- improved formatting of wide HTML email
Improved stability and performance of Safari
Podcasts are now available for download in iTunes application (over Wi-Fi and cellular)
Decrease in call set-up failures and call drops
Improved sound quality of visual voicemail messages
Pressing the Home button from any Home screen takes you to the first Home screen
Preferences to turn on/off auto-correction in Keyboard settings

(Google Street View is NOT INCLUDED on iPod touch 1stGen & 2ndGen Firmware Updates)

A Very Cool Game Called Platypus

Check out this video from the developer of a very different game called Platypus coming soon for the iPhone/iPod touch. Literally every element of the game is made out of clay. The developers used high quality cameras to photographed clay figures and ported it to the iPhone/iPod touch making a very cool 3d looking accelerometer-based game along with a nice & smooth gameplay. We can't wait to get our hands on this game. I will be making a video review of this game and posting more video reviews i got ready. Stay Tuned.

BREAKING NEWS, iPhone/iPod touch 2.2 Firmware is OUT!!!

Apple has just released 2.2 for the iPhone 2G/3G. This update has fixed a few things as well as added several exciting new features, however if your phone is jailbroken DO NOT UPGRADE!

Source: Planet-iPhones


UPDATE 2: STREET VIEW DOES NOT WORK ON iPod touch 1stGen and 2ndGen, JUST iPhone.

Apple Drops iTunes Update 8.0.2

Apple just released a new iTunes update. The new version is 8.0.2 and addresses a couple of minor issues and improves accessibility for users with impaired vision. I encourage the Jailbreak Community to stay with 8.0.1 in case that the new version of iTunes don't recognize jailbroken iPhones & iPod touches as well as "Cracked Apps".

The 60.3MB update, which is available through Apple's iTunes site or via software update for Mac OSX and Windows is probably the gate for the new iPhone/iPod touch 2.2 Firmware Upgrade that Apple's is preparing to release as early as tomorrow which would bring us new features and bug fixes.

Another Apple Patent Around

Apple Inc. has a new patent running around explaining a new technology that will allow the iPhone to have "Always-On" display with almost no battery cost. Here's a brief explanation from Apple about how this useful technology would work:

The primary backlight system may block light from the secondary backlight system except for those one or more regions. Thus, the size and shape of the status indicator may be set by sizing and shaping the transparent or semitransparent regions of the primary backlight system. In addition to setting the size and shape of the icon, the color of the icon may also be set by adjusting the color of the light provided by the secondary backlight system.

For example, each indicator may have a particular color, blinking speed, or light intensity. These properties may be programmed into the electronic device by the user, or may be hard-coded or hard-wired into the system. Thus, when the secondary backlight is turned on, the properties of the light provided by the secondary backlight system may depend on the status of the device. Also, if the status of the electronic device changes while the secondary backlight is on, the properties of the light provided by the secondary backlight system may change to reflect the new status.

Nov-20-08' AppStore Apps, Games & Updates

Department (1.2)
Fuel Log (1.4)
Hamster Dash (1.0)
BPop (1.0)
FingerTwist (1.1)
Kineo (was Flickbook) (1.0.2)
iPump Pilates (1.0)
Karajan (1.1.1)
iGotchi (1.3)
Ikanoid (1.8)
Christmas Carols (1.0)
Aqua Invaders (1.0)
Arcade Hoops Basketball (1.0)
Touch Term Pro (1.0.1)
Kitten Jump (1.2)
WifiTrak (1.5)
WordSalad (1.2)
FishEye (1.1)
Space Rage 3D (1.35)
Plank (1.1)

3G Unlock Around The Corner

Persistent Nucleus Tasks from iphonedev on Vimeo.

Nov-19-08' AppStore Price Drops

Beach Volleyball - $1.99 $.99 (Price Drop)

Tank Ace 1944 - $1.99 $.99 (Price Drop)

Outer Space - $9.99 $5.99 (Price Drop)

XpenseTracker - $12.99 $9.99 (Limited Time)

Bike Or Die 2 Is Out

Here's a little video from the developer of Bike Or Die 2, the new iPhone/iPod touch bike game that just came out today. The game is available now on the AppStore for the limited time price of $2.99. Run and grab your copy before is too late:

(iPhone/iPod touch Apps & Games Reviews Coming Soon)

Which One You Prefer?

Nov-19-08' AppStore Apps, Games & Updates

Yeli (1.0)
NinjaShooter (1.0)
Chicks On The Loose (1.0)
Jumble Xmas! (1.0)
iFun (1.0)
Bike Or Die 2 (2.0)
Worder (1.1)
MadShells (1.1)
Touchpad Elite (1.0)
Easy Pasta (1.5)
Koi Pond (2.2.1)
Banner (1.2)
Strategic Assault (1.3)
Tap A Mole (1.0)
Xhake Shake (2.3)
Idle Hands (1.1)
WebMD Mobile (1.0)
Tap Tap Revenge (1.5.1)
Knots (1.0)
iHunt (1.5)
Ben Stein: It's Trivial (1.0)
Briefcase (1.1.2)
Fieldrunners (1.1)
Frenzic (1.0)

(AppStore Links Coming Soon)

The Fastest Scientific SuperComputer

Here's a time lapse of the construction of Jaguar, the fastest computer in the world:

Virtual Pool v1.94

Today Celeris Inc. released a new version of their pool game Virtual Pool for the iPhone/iPod touch. The game got good graphics, nice gameplay and is really fun. The update comes with new features and a couple bug fixes. Below is a list of what is new in this version (1.94).

Easy Shoot Option: Select the power level and press 'Shoot'

Enhanced Ghost Ball: See where the cue ball will strike.

Overhead Aim: Adjust you aim in overhead view complete with aim line and Ghost Ball.

Improved Touchscreen response: Slow speed strokes are easier than before.

This Game Look AMAZING!

Today a company called Cube Engine Games released a very interesting game for the iPhone/iPod touch, it's called Cube. Cube it's the first-person shooter game for the iPhone/iPod touch of this kind and the best of all is that, it's Free!!!. You can find information about the game in their website along with screenshots from Cube (Picture Above) & Cube 2: Sauerbraten (Picture Below). The games look Awesome, very nice and smooth graphics and it looks like it got a good gameplay. I haven't try it on my iPod touch yet but believe me i'll be shooting everybody as soon as i get it.

Simple But Handy (Mac Only)

Do you love to use your keypad when you drop a credit card number to make a purchase or using Excel at home on your desktop computer? But what about when you're on the road with your laptop wishing to have a keypad for faster number typing. The solution is here, a nice and unique app for iPhone and iPod touch that let's you use your mobile device as an ad-hoc numeric keypad for your Mac. To do so you have to go to Balmuda’s Numberkey website, download the application, install it onto your Mac and then go to the AppStore and buy the app for your iPhone/iPod touch and you're ready to go. Both softwares communicate to bring a Wireless Numeric Keypad with various skins to choose. Numberkey is only for Mac, so Windows users might have to wait or just ignore it.

App Store Link: NumberKey, $1.99

Why Android And Not iPhone, WHY!!!

I was surfing the Web and i found this video from the Adobe Flash Team demonstrating Flash Player 10 running flawlessly on a T-Mobile G1. My question is, WHY ANDROID AND NOT iPHONE? Well, Android is Open Source and i think it's a lot easier to develop a version of Flash 10 that runs pretty well on the Android OS. Months ago Steve Jobs said that Flash would run slow on the iPhone and the performance it's not going to be the same as well as battery life but couple days ago Adobe & ARM teams up to bring us what they called "A full and rich experience of Flash on devices sporting the ARM11 Processor Family" which is the one that the iPhone have. Now, i don't understand and we don't know their plans but if all this become a reality we're going to be seeing Flash 10 for iPhone next year or so.

Here's a demo of Flash 10 running on a G1:

Microsoft And Their Crazy Ads

Ok guys, i know this is going to be gross but check out this crazy ad made by the crazy people at Microsoft Zune Division:

UNO From Gameloft

Remember UNO back in the days, how much we play it and how fun it was, well, now you can play it in the comfort of your iPhone/iPod touch without having a card mess all over the table. The game looks pretty cool, it features nice graphics, multiplayer, Wi-Fi multiplayer, rooms creation and a very nice soundtrack. You can grab your copy right now from the AppStore for just $7.99.

Here's a demo of the game in action:

App Store Link: UNO, $7.99

Nov-18-08' AppStore Price Drops

Traffic - $3.99 $2.99 (Price Drop)

WiFinder - $.99 Free (Price Drop)

Space Out - $2.99 $.99 (Price Drop)

Hip Hop Top 100 - $4.99 $2.99 (Price Drop)

CastCatcher Update, GRANTED

Earlier this month Apple rejected the update of the iPhone/iPod touch radio app CastCatcher because the excessive bandwidth usage that the App uses. But today Apple has come to their senses and approved the App Update. We still don't know the reasons for the rejection.

It's A Phone, It's A Mp3 Player, It's A Modem, No, It's SuperPhone?

After a lot of leaks and announcements, Toshiba announced their new "Multi-Phone". The device sports a USB memory stick, alarm clock with snooze, Mp3 player, 7.2Mbps HSDPA USB Modem and a Tri-Band GSM cellphone.
IntoMobile said that "the device is excellent". It will be available exclusively on O2's UK Network in Europe and they said that the phone "perform really well as a backup phone". The down is that it only comes with 160MB of internal storage and it plays Mp3/ACC formats only, but for 140.00 euros it's a lot of device.

Apple Taking Orders For The New 24-inch Cinema Display

If you been waiting for the new 24-inch LED Cinema Display from Apple, is finally here. Apple is taking orders on their website, so you can go and make your purchase right now. It still says "Ships: November" but they added the "Add to cart" button allowing you to place your order. The price is $899.00 and you will be taking home a 1,920 x 1,200 resolution, DisplayPort, built-in iSight camera / mic, integrated stereo speakers, 3-port USB hub, and MagSafe adapter for your like-equipped MacBook.

SGN Drops iFun Game For iPhone/iPod touch

SGN, a social gaming company, unveiled iFun. A new social gaming technology for the iPhone/iPod touch that is now available as a free download on the Apple AppStore. This unique technology uses the AT&T 3G Network or Wi-Fi to turn your iPhone or iPod touch into a Golf Club that connects to your Mac or PC, so users can play golf on their computer monitor. iFun is the first App that combines your iPhone and your personal computer to create a completely new game-play experience.

Shervin Pishevar, CEO of SGN said, "
With the release of iFun, we have truly achieved a multi-platform experience that makes gaming on your iPhone or iPod touch even more fun, beginning with our iGolf, iBowl and iBaseball games which have had nearly 4 million downloads, SGN has been redefining mobile gaming and using the power of the iPhone platform to push the boundaries of what's possible."

Here's a video demostration of iFun:

Nov-18-08' AppStore Apps, Games & Updates

Break Classic (1.0.1)
Google Mobile App (0.1.414)
Vision (1.2)
Woman Calendar (1.4)
Aero Guitar EX (1.1.1)
Alien Star Dust (1.0)
Oh~My Egg (1.1)
Sudoku Classic (1.0.3)
FlipBook (1.0.2)
Live Poker (1.01)
Petal Pond (1.0)
3D Fireworks (1.0)
Classics (1.1)
Reign Of Swords (1.2.0)
Open My Heart (1.0)
XRing (1.0)
TV Plus (1.1)
Air Hockey (1.1.10)
Scriptures (1.2.1)
Make A Face (1.5)
SpeedBurst (1.1)
RealPiano (Live Grand Piano) (1.0)
Lie Detector (1.0)
iPJ-Lite (1.0)
Locations (1.2)
NumberKey (1.1)
Night Camera (1.0)
PaperSumo (1.0)

Finally, Google's Voice App Is Out

After a lot of speculation about why Apple didn't post the new version of the Google Mobile App for iPhone that let users search with their voice, is finally here. You can download the app from the Apple AppStore by searching for "Google Mobile App" or you can get it via Google Mobile site. The new Google Mobile App has made a great breakthrough and a great app for the 13 million-plus iPhone users. It uses Speech Recognition Technology to transform your words into text and send it to Google servers, giving you the answer right away. It also detects the phone movement via sensors and activate whenever you want to do a search. Personally i think a lot of iPhone users are going to love this simple but powerful app from Google.

Here's a video from Google of how it works:

The Fastest PDA Business Phone By Asus

Asus, the Taiwanese company responsible for the lovely Eee PC announced their 800Mhz handset, the fastest in the world. The processor, a P565, is the fastest processor on a handheld device so far and the phone also comes with a VGA (480x640) display. The device carry a UMTS radio with HSDPA connectivity up to 3.6Mbps, Tri-Band GSM, Wi-Fi and GPS. It will come with the Glide interface just like the P552w. I will keep you updated for upcoming improvements on the device.

iPhone Bacon

Do you love the smell of bacon in the morning? Well, i do and would like to take it with me too. A German company called Antje has created this sleeve/pouch for the iPhone & iPod touch. It's now available in Europe for the bargain price of 25.00 Euros ($31.00) But you gotta be careful cause the neighbor dog can get confuse and take the "bacon" and your iPhone too.

Nov-17-08' AppStore Price Drops

Powerboat Challenge™ 3D - $5.99 $3.99 (Limited Time)

Ace Tennis Online - $4.99 $.99 (Limited Time)

Wordtouch - $4.99 $2.99 (Price Drop)

Beer Pong U - $1.99 $.99 (Price Drop)

Macbook & Macbook Pro (Late 08') Gets Trackpad Firmware Update

Today Apple Inc. released a fix for the new Glass Trackpad on their late 08' Macbook and Macbook Pro. Owners having issues with the new Trackpad are able to download a patch via Software Update addressing trackpad clicks that randomly go unrecognized. A couple weeks ago Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Inc. promised to deliver a fix for the new Glass Trackpad. Those users having problems can check the firmware update pushed by Apple and it will fix the problem. Here are some instructions via AppleInsider of how to install the firmware update manually:

Installing the update manually:

Ensure that your computer is plugged into an AC power source before you start.


  1. Close any open applications.

  2. Download the MacBook, MacBook Pro Trackpad Firmware Update 1.0. The download will place a disk image that contains an installer onto your desktop. If you downloaded the update via Safari, Safari will notify you that an application is contained in the image. Click OK to continue.

  3. If "Open safe files after downloading" is checked in Safari preferences, the disk image file will mount by itself. If that preference is not enabled in Safari, double-click the disk image to mount it.

  4. Double-click the trackpad firmware update disk image to open it.

  5. Double-click the TrackpadFirmwareUpdate.pkg file.

  6. Read the introduction, then click Continue.

  7. After reading the licensing agreement, click Continue.

  8. To agree to its terms, click Agree.

  9. Click Install to install the update application in /Applications/Utilities.

  10. You will be asked for your administrator password. Enter the password and click OK.

  11. After the software is successfully installed on your hard drive, an Installation Completed Successfully message appears. Click Close to start the updater application.

  12. Read the onscreen firmware update installation instructions, then click Update to proceed. Note: The firmware update application may appear behind the installation window.

  13. You will be asked again for you administrator password. Enter the password and click OK. A progress bar will appear while the update is being applied. The trackpad will not respond during the update. Do not interrupt the update or shut off power on your computer while the update is in progress.

  14. When the update is complete, you will see "The update completed successfully" in the Status field of the updater application. Click Quit.
Once you've completed the above steps, your trackpad should be updated. You do not need to restart to recognize the benefits of the update. Via AppleInsider.

Adobe & ARM Unite Forces To Bring Us Flash To The iPhone & iPod touch

Adobe, the company responsible for the excellent photo editing application, Photoshop is uniting forces with ARM to bring us Flash 10 and Adobe AIR to mobile devices. This would Accelerate Mobile Graphics, Video Capabilities, Full & Rich Internet Experience and Web Services on mobile phones. They are focusing on ARM11 family which is the one that powered the iPhone/iPod touch that we all love and the best thing is that it will be available in the second half of 2009. This great optimization will deliver Flash to mobile devices using the latest ARM Processors Platform. PCMag explains: "devices with at least 200 MHz processors, more than around 16 Mbytes of RAM and a completely capable Web Browser will be able to render Web-based Flash content." And the Apple iPhone/iPod touch obviously fits into that category. We hope that this become a reality and we'll be waiting for that moment to happen.

How To Save The Jailbreaking Community

Today i found this interesting article about how to save the Jailbreaking Community and i want to share it with you guys.

What can I do to revive the Jailbreaking Community?

Apple already dislikes Jailbreaking, and now with cracked apps they have even more of an incentive to work harder to prevent Jailbreaking. Why is this? This is because cracked apps can only be added on Jailbroken iPhones and a lot of developers don't like this.

Here is what you can do to prevent the Jailbreaking community from dying:

1. Don't use cracked apps on your iPhone or iPod Touch. If you like an application just buy it from the App Store. If it's too expensive for you or you can't pay for it then just use Cydia or Installer and find a software like it. There are many great applications available for free too.

2. If you have any Webpages or YouTube videos that have cracked apps tutorials remove them immediately.

3. Don't download applications that allow you to crack apps or add any repositories that have illegal applications.

4. Don't make videos showing how to download cracked apps.

5. Use Jailbreaking for downloading Open Source software.

Personally i recommend not to use Jailbreaking for Illegal acts. Take action NOW!!!, and also tell this to your relatives and friends. WE HAVE TO KEEP IT ALIVE!!!

Shout out to xSellize Community for this great Advice.

It's all up to YOU now!

Nov-17-08' AppStore Apps, Games & Updates

Ms. PAC-MAN (1.0.3)
SP Photo Fix (1.2)
Pills (1.0)
DuckSplash (1.1)
Apper (1.0)
UNO (1.1.6)
Ace Tennis Online (1.0)
BiiPlane (0.9.3)
AirPaint (1.0)
CockRoach Racing 3D (1.0)
Midnight Bowling (1.1.6)
Rooms - Your Mobile Chat Client (0.7.0)
Million Dollar Password 2009 Edition (1.0.1)
The Price is Right (1.0)
iBasketball (1.0)
Smack Boxing (1.0)
Snow Reports (1.1)
MasterBrain (1.1)
Collins Pro Spanish-English Dictionary (1.1)

Stream Full Length Movies To Your iPhone/iPod touch

Today i am going to show you how to stream via Wi-Fi or 3G Full Length, DVD Quality movies to your iPhone or iPod touch. It's the best way to watch movies over the air without having to sync your device, so you can keep your disk low on space for other stuff like more Apps & Games. Let's get started.

Open your computer browser and go to and click on Register to create an account, once you get done go to your Safari browser on your iPhone/iPod touch and put the same web address. The website is optimized for Mobile Safari. Save the bookmark as an icon for quick access and proceed to log in. Once you in scroll down and you'll see a Choose a Folder section, below you will get 5 categories which are Recent Uploads, Movies, Series, Short Videos, Stand Up Comedy and Uncategorized. Scroll down more and you'll see User CP Menu which is Post Your Downloads, Account Settings and Logout. For example, by clicking on Movies you'll see the content in alphabetical order, click on the Movie you want to see and shortly the movie is going to start loading. Once is done the movie player will open streaming the movie you requested just like a YouTube video. Every movie file have a number on the right side, remember, highest numbers, better quality and flawless stream. Below i posted some pictures of the process on an iPod touch. Shout out to iJakweb for this great WebApp and to the xSellize Team. Well, I hope you guys like this little trick i found today. Stay tuned for more. Thanks and see you guys soon.