Blogging From iBlogger

Sorry guys that I haven't blog in the past week but I've been really busy, but I'm here now with a lot in my head to post and deliver good content.

I was looking at and I found this very handy application for blogging called iBlogger for iPhone & iPod touch. I decided to go to the AppStore to check it out and for my surprise the app was in special for $0.99 from $9.99, almost 90% off!!!. If you are like me, a Blogger junkie, this app is for you. It supports a few other popular blogging services such as Xanga, TypePad, SquareSpace & WordPress. The down part is that it doesn't let you post pictures or videos but overall it's a great and must have blogging app.

Run to the AppStore and grab this App before the time run out. Highly recomended.

iBlogger - $0.99 For A Limited Time

(Original Price: $9.99)