Nov-19-08' AppStore Price Drops

Beach Volleyball - $1.99 $.99 (Price Drop)

Tank Ace 1944 - $1.99 $.99 (Price Drop)

Outer Space - $9.99 $5.99 (Price Drop)

XpenseTracker - $12.99 $9.99 (Limited Time)

Bike Or Die 2 Is Out

Here's a little video from the developer of Bike Or Die 2, the new iPhone/iPod touch bike game that just came out today. The game is available now on the AppStore for the limited time price of $2.99. Run and grab your copy before is too late:

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Which One You Prefer?

Nov-19-08' AppStore Apps, Games & Updates

Yeli (1.0)
NinjaShooter (1.0)
Chicks On The Loose (1.0)
Jumble Xmas! (1.0)
iFun (1.0)
Bike Or Die 2 (2.0)
Worder (1.1)
MadShells (1.1)
Touchpad Elite (1.0)
Easy Pasta (1.5)
Koi Pond (2.2.1)
Banner (1.2)
Strategic Assault (1.3)
Tap A Mole (1.0)
Xhake Shake (2.3)
Idle Hands (1.1)
WebMD Mobile (1.0)
Tap Tap Revenge (1.5.1)
Knots (1.0)
iHunt (1.5)
Ben Stein: It's Trivial (1.0)
Briefcase (1.1.2)
Fieldrunners (1.1)
Frenzic (1.0)

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The Fastest Scientific SuperComputer

Here's a time lapse of the construction of Jaguar, the fastest computer in the world:

Virtual Pool v1.94

Today Celeris Inc. released a new version of their pool game Virtual Pool for the iPhone/iPod touch. The game got good graphics, nice gameplay and is really fun. The update comes with new features and a couple bug fixes. Below is a list of what is new in this version (1.94).

Easy Shoot Option: Select the power level and press 'Shoot'

Enhanced Ghost Ball: See where the cue ball will strike.

Overhead Aim: Adjust you aim in overhead view complete with aim line and Ghost Ball.

Improved Touchscreen response: Slow speed strokes are easier than before.

This Game Look AMAZING!

Today a company called Cube Engine Games released a very interesting game for the iPhone/iPod touch, it's called Cube. Cube it's the first-person shooter game for the iPhone/iPod touch of this kind and the best of all is that, it's Free!!!. You can find information about the game in their website along with screenshots from Cube (Picture Above) & Cube 2: Sauerbraten (Picture Below). The games look Awesome, very nice and smooth graphics and it looks like it got a good gameplay. I haven't try it on my iPod touch yet but believe me i'll be shooting everybody as soon as i get it.