Apple Drops iTunes Update 8.0.2

Apple just released a new iTunes update. The new version is 8.0.2 and addresses a couple of minor issues and improves accessibility for users with impaired vision. I encourage the Jailbreak Community to stay with 8.0.1 in case that the new version of iTunes don't recognize jailbroken iPhones & iPod touches as well as "Cracked Apps".

The 60.3MB update, which is available through Apple's iTunes site or via software update for Mac OSX and Windows is probably the gate for the new iPhone/iPod touch 2.2 Firmware Upgrade that Apple's is preparing to release as early as tomorrow which would bring us new features and bug fixes.

Another Apple Patent Around

Apple Inc. has a new patent running around explaining a new technology that will allow the iPhone to have "Always-On" display with almost no battery cost. Here's a brief explanation from Apple about how this useful technology would work:

The primary backlight system may block light from the secondary backlight system except for those one or more regions. Thus, the size and shape of the status indicator may be set by sizing and shaping the transparent or semitransparent regions of the primary backlight system. In addition to setting the size and shape of the icon, the color of the icon may also be set by adjusting the color of the light provided by the secondary backlight system.

For example, each indicator may have a particular color, blinking speed, or light intensity. These properties may be programmed into the electronic device by the user, or may be hard-coded or hard-wired into the system. Thus, when the secondary backlight is turned on, the properties of the light provided by the secondary backlight system may depend on the status of the device. Also, if the status of the electronic device changes while the secondary backlight is on, the properties of the light provided by the secondary backlight system may change to reflect the new status.

Nov-20-08' AppStore Apps, Games & Updates

Department (1.2)
Fuel Log (1.4)
Hamster Dash (1.0)
BPop (1.0)
FingerTwist (1.1)
Kineo (was Flickbook) (1.0.2)
iPump Pilates (1.0)
Karajan (1.1.1)
iGotchi (1.3)
Ikanoid (1.8)
Christmas Carols (1.0)
Aqua Invaders (1.0)
Arcade Hoops Basketball (1.0)
Touch Term Pro (1.0.1)
Kitten Jump (1.2)
WifiTrak (1.5)
WordSalad (1.2)
FishEye (1.1)
Space Rage 3D (1.35)
Plank (1.1)

3G Unlock Around The Corner

Persistent Nucleus Tasks from iphonedev on Vimeo.