3 Of The Best Cracked Apps Websites

IPA Wonderland

I recommend this websites to everyone that is following the cracked apps community and want to keep it up. Shout out to the owners and keep up the AWESOME work.

"Activation" Pop-Up On Jailbroken iPod touch 1stGen With Street View

Here you can see the pop-up that appears every time you unlock your device but it can pop-up at anytime too:

Remember, everything else works great, this is just a little bit annoying, but personally i can live with it until somebody come up with a solution.

"No Service" iPod touch 1stGen With Street View

This is how the annoying "No Service" looks like after you modify the plist file to enable Street View on your 1stGen Jailbroken iPod touch. Everything else works GREAT!

Street View Demo On My iPod touch 1stGen

Remember guys, this is not going to work perfect like the iPhone but it's fantastic and the weird thing is that adding a little piece of code is the key to activate it and Apple dismiss us, but we got it. Hope you guys enjoy and support my blog. Shout out to timmyj9 for this fabulous hack.

(Sorry for the quality, my camera is not that good. This is also my first video ever, please support my blog)

How To Get Cracked Apps On Jailbroken Pod touch 1stGen (2.2 Firmware)

This is a simple way of how to get cracked apps working on your Jailbroken iPod touch 1stGen (2.2 Firmware):

1. Go to Cydia and install xSellize Repo "http://xsellize.com/cydia/
2. Download IPA Prep 2
3. Download a free app from the AppStore over Wi-fi
4. Reboot iPod touch

After this you're gonna be able to install cracked apps and sync them from iTunes. AppShare & Installous does not work. The only method is iTunes.


Street View Working On Jailbroken iPod touch 1stGen

I got a Jailbroken iPod touch 1stGen with 2.2 firmware and surfing around xSellize i found a thread with some info about activating Street View on the iPod touch 1stGen. I tried the method and believe me, IT WORKS GREAT! Here's a little explanation of how-to & what it does:

1. Close iTunes if is open and SSH for this file: /System/Library/CoreServices/SpringBoard.app/N45AP.plist
2. Go here N45AP.plist and download modified NP45AP file.
3. Backup the original, after that replace with modified version.
4. Close your SSH program and reboot iPod touch 1stGen

All new Maps features work however you get a "Searching For Service" (Replaces the word iPod in the top left corner) and "Waiting For Activation" message that pops up occassionally, just hit "Dismiss"

Hopefully someone can patch the frameworks or springboard which wouldnt require this to be done! Anyway if you're desperate to try it out, thats all that needs to be done theres nothing wrong with stability or anything so you're not going break anything trying this out.