Simple But Handy (Mac Only)

Do you love to use your keypad when you drop a credit card number to make a purchase or using Excel at home on your desktop computer? But what about when you're on the road with your laptop wishing to have a keypad for faster number typing. The solution is here, a nice and unique app for iPhone and iPod touch that let's you use your mobile device as an ad-hoc numeric keypad for your Mac. To do so you have to go to Balmuda’s Numberkey website, download the application, install it onto your Mac and then go to the AppStore and buy the app for your iPhone/iPod touch and you're ready to go. Both softwares communicate to bring a Wireless Numeric Keypad with various skins to choose. Numberkey is only for Mac, so Windows users might have to wait or just ignore it.

App Store Link: NumberKey, $1.99

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