Why Android And Not iPhone, WHY!!!

I was surfing the Web and i found this video from the Adobe Flash Team demonstrating Flash Player 10 running flawlessly on a T-Mobile G1. My question is, WHY ANDROID AND NOT iPHONE? Well, Android is Open Source and i think it's a lot easier to develop a version of Flash 10 that runs pretty well on the Android OS. Months ago Steve Jobs said that Flash would run slow on the iPhone and the performance it's not going to be the same as well as battery life but couple days ago Adobe & ARM teams up to bring us what they called "A full and rich experience of Flash on devices sporting the ARM11 Processor Family" which is the one that the iPhone have. Now, i don't understand and we don't know their plans but if all this become a reality we're going to be seeing Flash 10 for iPhone next year or so.

Here's a demo of Flash 10 running on a G1:

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